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Faerie Graphix

For All Your Craptastic Graphix Needs

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welcome to faerie_graphix

Icons and stuff by crooked. This community has open membership (but I'm the only one with posting access) so feel free to join, or friend me and pimp me. That pretty much sums it all up, I should think.


» DON'T HOTLINK. Host all images on your own server, please. Photobucket, Imageshack, and TinyPic are a few of the many free photo hosting sites available.

» Textless icons are NOT bases and may not be customized. I will label any bases/customizable icons accordingly. Please do not alter icons in anyway unless given permission to do so.

» Please credit me for any icons/graphics you use. For icons, simply add faerie_graphix in that icon's keywords. For other graphics used in layouts or as F.O. banners, please credit faerie_graphix in your user info. Still not clear? How to credit.



The Obligatory Page o' Resources here.
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